Lazy Bee Gardens produces award-winning cannabis in Washington’s stunning Methow Valley. Ample sunshine, clean water and naturally mineral-rich soil allows founder Matthew Frigone and his team of experienced growers to cultivate a line of hearty, fragrant and intensely psychoactive cannabis. With more than twenty carefully selected varietals in production, customers will find a LB strain to suit their needs.

     Our team’s passion for exceptional cannabis is rivaled only by our commitment to sustainable, outdoor farming practices; which are beneficial to the planet and healthier for consumers.  Our environmental footprint is amongst the smallest in the industry, as our amended permaculture beds require no fertilizers, nutrient lines or chemical pesticides, and surprisingly little water.  Lazy Bee’s approach proves, and our customers agree, that remarkable marijuana can be grown under the sun, in the fresh air and clean, rustic territory of the North Cascades.


     We are confident that you'll enjoy the experience of using our products.  

Customers ENJOY OUR...

  • Clean Green Certified™ "beyond organic" farming techniques
  • Nominations for "Best Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow" at DOPE Magazine Industry Awards three years running
  • Clean artisan soil which results in a superior tasting and smelling flower
  • Top quality CO2, BHO, RSO exrtracts by Bodhi High, O'Lala, and Puffin (Jeff Church)

“I am passionate about great cannabis. I am equally passionate about sustainable agriculture, and our need to preserve the environment. I feel fortunate to live and work in an area uniquely capable of producing truly world-class pot, the way nature intended: outdoors. I invite you to learn more about Lazy Bee Gardens and to offer your customers a great line of cannabis products”.

Matthew Frigone - Owner