Best Concentrates for 7/10

Happy National Oil Day! For those who haven't heard, 7/10 is the the 4/20 for concentrates. Why you ask? If you type 710 into an analog calculator, it spells oil. So to celebrate this high holiday, we've rounded up four of our favorite Lazy Bee Gardens concentrates currently on the i502 market!


Tangie — Raw CO2 Flower Oil

Kicking off our list is the 2018 Suncup winner for Best CO2 Dab — Tangie! This sativa-dominant hybrid is a throwback to the sought after Tangerine Dream strain from the 90's. She's a cross between California Orange x Skunk Strain and is loaded with Myrcene. Full of citrus flavor, it's no surprise this strain is a favorite at the farm and in shops. 


Wifi OG — BHO Crumble

Wifi OG is one of our favorite strains, so what better way to pack in the flavor than with BHO crumble?  This pungent hybrid fills the room with an earthy, sour aroma. A cross between The White x Fire OG, your sativa-dominant dabs will be filled with Ocimene. We love Wifi OG for its stimulating and euphoric high that lends itself to creativity, hikes or cleaning your entire house.


Lilly CBD — BHO Sap

Our Lilly CBD is a cross between Congo IBL and Queen Mother, to provide a relaxed, happy and calming high. This strain boasts a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio and the sap shown here tested 17% THC, 44% CBD and .28% CBG. Packed with sweet tropical flavors, Lilly is the perfect strain for a relaxing evening at home. A huge thank you to Bodhi High for processing this beauty!


Albino Kush — BHO Sugar Crumble

We recommend dabbing Albino Kush after your 7/10 parties. This is a heavy hitting indica is not to be taken lightly. She's filled with myrcene and carophyllene, and while we know her genetics include OG Kush, the rest is a mystery. Albino Kush has an earthy taste and aroma.