Spark an Adventure at Boulder River


Getting Baked at Boulder River with Lazy Bee Gardens

Over the river and through the woods lies a lush oasis. A large waterfall splits down a mossy cliff. Vibrant teal glacial waters flow over smooth rocks. Are we in the tropics? Nope, it’s Boulder River in Washington State!

We recently went out to spark an adventure at this secluded spot. Boulder River is a bumpy drive (seriously, don’t drive a small car) out of cell range so it’s not usually crowded. Our friend and talented photographer Keti also joined.


We love Boulder River for the ease of this hike. New to trails? Fresh off an injury? Looking for a light trek to have you home by lunch? This spot checks them all.

Boulder River is roughly three miles roundtrip with a very mild elevation gain. We do recommend trekking poles to help with stability as you access the falls. It can be a little rocky in places and very steep.


As summer gets into full swing, make sure you add this adventure to your trail list. If you prefer joints in the forest, please be mindful of where you ash. Trail too dry? Vape an adventure instead. We love to pair our oils with VEO’s Motion battery.

Lastly, make sure to leave no trace behind. Pack out what you pack in, and if you really want to go the extra mile, bring a garbage bag to clean up anything you find on the trail. We’re helping to change the stigma, and that includes lazy stoners. Besides, the only thing lazy here is the bees. Happy hiking and make sure to use the hashtag #SparkAnAdventure so we can see where you light up!