Lazy Bee Gardens Wins "Best Sungrown Flower” At High Times Cannabis Cup


Lazy Bee Gardens is excited to report our very own sungrown strain, Powderhound, took home first place for Best Sungrown Flower in the High Times Cannabis Cup. The awards, a new merger between DOPE Magazine and High Times, took place at Seattle’s iconic Hempfest on Saturday, August 17th.

Best Sungrown Cannabis: Powderhound 

We took home first place for Powderhound, our sativa-dominant flower that has captured the hearts of many. This strain is a popular favorite for boosting both energy and mood. Wrapped in the fresh aroma of citrus and pine, Powderhound provides a full-bodied smoke to energize and stimulate the mind and body, making it the perfect strain for daytime use and outdoor adventures. 

Crossed from the beloved Jack Herer, Powderhound is an ideal daily-use strain because it keeps users focused and uplifted and can even bring out the creative side. 

High Times Cannabis Cup at Seattle Hempfest 

High Times acquired DOPE Magazine last year, opening the door for new awards from the merger. As a result, we now have the High Times Cannabis Cup, and Lazy Bee Gardens is proud to be its first winner for “Best Sungrown Flower.”

For those who haven’t been to Hempfest, the event is a three-day festival with speakers, rallies, live music, arts and crafts among thousands of people, including many from the cannabis industry. The event began in the early ‘90s and has seen several forms and agendas as the attitudes and legality surrounding cannabis shift over the years. 

A beautiful, sunny day for an award ceremony, and the folks giving out the Cannabis Cup awards kept the positive energy going as they recognized some of the leaders in the i502 industry. 

Winning a High Times Cannabis Cup award is an honor, as they strive to not only recognize the best cannabis in the industry but also acknowledge the companies and people who work behind the scenes to make it happen. We take pride in our sungrown cannabis and love knowing Lazy Bee Gardens’ Powderhound reaches far beyond our home in the Methow Valley.