Jack of Spades

Jack the Ripper x Ace of Spades

     Our 2017 DOPE Cup Runner-Up for "Best Nose," this sweet and sour strain was developed using TGA SUBCOOL seeds.  Jack Herrer (Jack the Ripper)  was back-bred into Ace of Spades. As usual with Subcool genetics; expect lots of frost!




Jack Herrer x Mystery

     A full-bodied smoke with the aroma of fresh citrus and pine with an uplifting and motivational high this strain will have you ready to run up and down the mountains. A Jack Herrer cross that came to us years ago, this strain has become a farm favorite. There is no better "daily smoke" to keep you elevated, yet focused and on task.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Wifi OG

BUDS_WIFI_OG_Night (1).jpg

The White x Fire OG

     Turn off, tune out, and let Wifi OG do the rest. This pungent hybrid fills the room with an earthy, sour aroma.  A stimulating and euphoric high that lends itself to creativity.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Blueberry x Haze

A farm favorite and always a classic. This  particular pheno came from Montana years ago, and has a personality The sweet berry flavor and aroma are paired with an extremely psychoactive high that leaves some users feeling disassociated and out of sorts.  WARNING:  This strain, although sativa dominant, exhibits strong indica-like effects.  Note the significant amount of Myrcene present....

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


California Orange x Skunk Strain

A throwback to the sought after Tangerine Dream strain from the 90's, this citrus bomb of flavor, pungent and sweet, is a favorite strain at the farm and in shops.  One of the best smelling strains to come out of the 2017 season.



STRAWberry diesel

NY Sour Diesel x Strawberry Cough

A true hybrid, with ultra tight, crystal smothered buds that will never let you down. Sweet and fruity with those unmistakable diesel undertones, thick and musky. A Lazy Bee favorite.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Tesla Tower

Wifi x SnoCap

     The 2017 DOPE Cup Runner-Up for "Best Sativa," this proprietary strain is a powerful cross of Lazy Bee Garden's WiFi OG and SnoCap.  The high has an aggressive start, and a functional uplifting finish.  Good for keeping you energized; the strong smell and taste of sour-citrus with a piney finish.  A perfect complement to the backcountry bluebird days of winter.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Green Ribbon x Grandaddy Purps x Tahoe Alien

ALIEN GENETICS' hit-you-upside-the-head-with-a-basket-of-fruit favorite.  Credited with being strongly euphoric and notably sedative/analgesic, our variant is one of the best smelling strains to come down this year! 



Dutch Treat

Northern Lights x Haze x Skunk

This legacy sativa from Amsterdam has an aroma of pine and eucalyptus with an uplifting, relaxin and euphoric high.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Purple Trainwreck 


Mendocino Purps x Trainwreck

This deep green bud will have you on cloud nine with an amazingly euphoric high and sweet flavor with citrus undertones.


Bubba Berry Kush

Blackberry Kush x Bubba Kush

Hearty dark green frosted buds with deep purple accents this strain has an unmistakable earthy and fruity smell that comes with a deep and relaxing body high but won't drag you down, a great all day indica

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Albino Kush

OG Kush x unknown indica

Small dense and frosty light green buds paired with spicy, earthy taste and aroma this is a heavy hitting, high myrcene indica not to be taken lightly. Best enjoyed at the end of your day when it's time to relax.


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lilly CBD

Congo IBL x Queen Mother

With a relaxed, happy and calming high, this strain boasts a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio. Packed with sweet tropical flavors makes this the perfect strain for a relaxing evening at home.

Sativa Dominant  Hybrid


Blueberry x Hawaiian Sativa

A beautiful looking bud with accents of red and orange hairs, this fruity and sweet strain sure to keep you lifted and focused throughout the day.