Lazy Bee Gardens uses a dilution of Organic cold pressed Neem Seed Oil (NymBiosys) and Liquid Potassium Silicate (Sil-Matrix) as a sprayable insecticide (20ml Neem Oil : 7ml P. Silicate : 1gal. of water). This is applied to plants when they are in cloning and vegetation cycles, as part of our pest management program. Once the plants are in the flower beds, we discontinue use, as we use beneficial predatory insects in our pen to control mite populations. According to research, Neem Oil should break down and become inert within two weeks of application. Potassium Silicate is absorbed as a nutrient


“No risk to human health is expected from the use of Cold Pressed Neem Oil because of its low toxicity via all route of exposure. Cold Pressed Neem Oil has been used for hundreds of years to control plant insects and diseases. EPA concluded that Cold Pressed Neem Oil is not a mutagen, and is not a developmental toxicant. Based on the review and analysis of the guideline studies, no additional toxicity data are required to support food uses of this biochemical.” - E.P.A.

POTASSIUM SILICATE INFO (a.k.a. silicic acid potassium salt, soluble potash glass)