Jack of Spades

Jack the Ripper x Ace of Spades

     Our 2018 DOPE Cup WINNER for "Best SunGrown Hybrid Flower," this sweet and sour strain was developed using TGA SUBCOOL seeds. Jack the Ripper crossed with Ace of Spades. As usual with Subcool genetics; expect lots of frost!




Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint

Gelato (a.k.a. "Larry Bird") is a hybrid by Cookie Fam Genetics. This California native gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread among the Cookie family. Buds bloom in dark purple hues and bright green with a coat of crystal resin. Relaxation comes on strong, but many find themselves still mentally agile enough to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.


Jack Herrer x Mystery

A full-bodied smoke with the aroma of fresh citrus and pine with an uplifting and motivational high this strain will have you ready to run up and down the mountains. A Jack Herrer cross that came to us years ago, this strain has become a farm favorite. There is no better "daily smoke" to keep you elevated, yet focused and on task.   


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Wifi OG

The White x Fire OG

     Turn off, tune out, and let Wifi OG do the rest. This pungent hybrid fills the room with an earthy, sour aroma.  A stimulating and euphoric high that lends itself to creativity.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Blueberry x Haze

A farm favorite and always a classic. This  particular pheno came from Montana years ago, and has a personality The sweet berry flavor and aroma are paired with an extremely psychoactive high that leaves some users feeling disassociated and out of sorts.  WARNING:  This strain, although sativa dominant, exhibits strong indica-like effects.  Note the significant amount of Myrcene present....

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


California Orange x Skunk Strain

A throwback to the sought after Tangerine Dream strain of the 90's; this strain has become a staple of the LB lineup. Overwhelming scents of citrus, pungent and sweet, make this a favorite among connoisseur.  One of the best smelling strains to come out of the 2017 season.



STRAWberry diesel

NY Sour Diesel x Strawberry Cough

A true hybrid, with ultra tight, crystal smothered buds that will never let you down. Sweet and fruity with those unmistakable diesel undertones, thick and musky. A Lazy Bee favorite.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Mystery Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

   The 2018 DOPE Cup RUNNER-UP for "Best SunGrown Indica Flower," this strain is a monster producer and routinely tests into the 30%s!!  Humboldt's Redwood Roots are responsible for these genetics… impressive stuff!

Tesla Tower

Wifi x SnowCap

     The 2018 DOPE Cup WINNER for "Best SunGrown Sativa Flower," this proprietary strain is a powerful cross of Lazy Bee Garden's WiFi OG and SnowCap.  The high has an aggressive start, and a functional uplifting finish.  Good for keeping you energized; the strong smell and taste of sour-citrus with a piney finish.  A perfect complement to the backcountry bluebird days of winter.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Tangie x Banana Sherbert

Double Tangie Banana was developed by Crockett Family Farms. It has an amazing candy-sweet oozes with crystal resin and citrus aromas. Grown for flavor enthusiasts, this variation of Tangie has a fabulous terpene profile.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Green Ribbon x Grandaddy Purps x Tahoe Alien

ALIEN GENETICS' “hit-you-upside-the-head-with-a-basket-of-fruit” favorite.  Credited with being strongly euphoric and notably sedative/analgesic, our variant is one of the best smelling strains to come down this year! 



Dutch Treat

Northern Lights x Haze x Skunk

This legacy sativa from Amsterdam has an aroma of pine and eucalyptus with an uplifting, relaxin and euphoric high.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Bubba Berry Kush

Blackberry Kush x Bubba Kush

Hearty dark green frosted buds with deep purple accents this strain has an unmistakable earthy and fruity smell that comes with a deep and relaxing body high but won't drag you down, a great all day indica


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Albino Kush

OG Kush x unknown indica

Small dense and frosty light green buds paired with spicy, earthy taste and aroma this is a heavy hitting, high myrcene indica not to be taken lightly. Best enjoyed at the end of your day when it's time to relax.


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lilly CBD

Congo IBL x Queen Mother

With a relaxed, happy and calming high, this strain contains around a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio. Packed with sweet tropical flavors makes this the perfect strain for a relaxing evening at home.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk

With a relaxed, happy and calming high, this strain often tests at a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio.