Retail Buzz: Hashtag Cannabis


Catching the Buzz at Hashtag Cannabis

If you’re in the cannabis industry, you know the difficulties discussing retail partners on social media. Even the most subtle mention can be perceived as sales. Then poof — your account is gone!

At Lazy Bee Gardens, we love our vendors and want to shout their stories from the top of our lungs. It’s why we’ve started a new blog segment called Retail Buzz, to highlight our retailers and upcoming events without fear of deletion. So without further ado, our first Retail Buzz is Hashtag Cannabis.

Hashtag Cannabis opened its doors three years ago and carried Lazy Bee Gardens early on. What stands out to us about Hashtag is their commitment to customers, knowledgeable budtenders and emphasis on Clean Green products. While Hashtag’s website acknowledges they aren’t doctors, their team relies on the sound science of cannabis (like terpenes) when making product recommendations. It’s another reason Lazy Bee lists terpenes on our packaging.

Hashtag isn’t just committed to cannabis, they’re also committed to the community. This retailer has united the community two years in a row to give back. In 2016, Hashtag and its partners raised over $10,000 in donations for the PCC’s food bank drive. In 2017, they partnered with Refugee Women’s Alliance to raise over $5K for immigrant families.

Lazy Bee recently hosted vendor days at both Hashtag locations. We love this opportunity to connect with customers and reconnect with Hashtag staff. It gives us a chance to educate everyone about our strains, terpenes, no-till grow method and the future of sustainable farming.

Hashtag proudly serves two locations in Washington State. Their first store, located on Stone Way, serves Seattle’s Fremont area. A second location, opened shortly after, is in Redmond. For more information about Hashtag, their hours, locations and of course, the menu, visit Make sure to follow them on Instagram at @seattle.hashtag!