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Take an Inside Look at Lazy Bee Gardens

Lazy Bee Gardens is Tier 3 Producer/Processor located in Winthrop, Washington. We are proud to be Clean Green Certified, practice sustainable farming methods and produce terpene rich products. We’re often asked bout our farm, so want to share an inside look at our operation.

Let’s Grow

We grow roughly 5,000 plants per year. Our 2018 harvest included a mix of greenhouse and open air sun-grown cannabis. The entire field is almost an acre, but due to Washington State Liquor Cannabis Board (WSLCB) regulations, Lazy Bee’s flowering canopy space is only 30,000 square feet.

Our grow season starts in February, when we take our first clones which eventually get planted in greenhouses. The open air hoops won’t be planted until mid-May. It takes a team to accomplish this dream. We have 12 year-round employees, and usually hire another four to eight during harvest.

Lazy Bee Gardens feels lucky to be located in the Methow Valley. The combination of mineral rich glacial soil, crystal clear water and fresh mountain air create a unique terroir. We think it’s the secret to our award winning flower.

What is Clean Green Certified?

We are proud to be Clean Green Certified. This is the closest certification to “USDA Organic” in the cannabis industry. “Organic” is a federally controlled word therefore not allowed to be used in conjunction with cannabis, regardless of whether or not its grown organically.

At Lazy Bee Gardens, we use only 100% organic inputs and brew our own nutrient teas to create a living soil free of pesticides for our plants. For pest prevention, we use neem oil on clones and small plants in veg. We also use predatory bugs if necessary. However, we believe in creating an ecosystem, not total eradication, for our plants.

Two Methods, Both Sun-Grown

Sun-grown, to us, means cannabis grown and flowered using 100 percent sun. Our two methods for sun-grown cannabis are open air and greenhouse.

Open air allows more airflow in the canopy and plants are exposed elemental stresses which makes them stronger. Cold nights also help preserve terpenes. 

Green houses allow for a longer grow season with multiple harvests and some climate control. These typically diffuse light, which creates a slightly different growth structure in both veg and flower. Green houses also protect plants from certain undesirable elements like hail, ash, etc.

Our personal favorite? Large open air hoops with netting to allow for maximum airflow and light diffusion, then light depped buds.

In the Dirt

We think quality cannabis starts with the soil. It’s why we grow using a no-till cultivation method. Year after year, we continue to grow without disturbing the soil through tillage. Our living soil is teeming with life to create a food web that sustains life. Ideally millions of organisms should be present in a small sample of soil.

Companion crops are another essential element to our grow. These plants are grown in conjunction with crops that aid in different ways. Companion crops can improve soil quality, repeal bugs and attract beneficial microbial or fungal life. Other benefits to companion crops and no till farming? Water retention. Plants need far less water due to the soil’s ability to hold moisture from draining and evaporating.

Looking for More Lazy Bee Gardens?

Lazy Bee Gardens is posting content daily on our social media channels. To see more of our grow and interact with us directly, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @LazyBeeGardens. We look forward to hearing from you!