Welcome to Lazy Bee Gardens

Welcome to Lazy Bee Gardens! We are a sustainable sungrown Tier 3 farm located in the breathtaking Methow Valley. What better way to kick off our blog with an overview of our facility, practices and standout strains? We spoke with our owner and leader of the hive, Matt, to bring you all things Lazy Bee.

Where did Lazy Bee Gardens come from?

My dad’s last name is Bernhard. He owned property and jokingly called it “The Lazy Bernhard” like an old ranch. As we sat around thinking about a name for our grow, I realized sensimilla is unpollinated pot. All the flower we sell is pollen-free female flowers, like the bees are lazy. Our logo is the same thing, the THC molecule looks like a honeycomb. Our brand just happened so naturally.

Did Lazy Bee grow medically?

I grew for seven years before i502, but it was mainly for my dad’s medical needs. I love my dad and didn’t want him to die from cancer, so used cannabis to make him RSO.

What are three things consumers can count on from Lazy Bee Gardens?

  1. Consistency — Our grow methods and strains might vary slightly, but for the most part our sustainable, no-till agriculture methods stay the same.

  2. Cleanliness — We are Clean Green Certified, we don’t use chemicals on our plants.

  3. Conscious — We make conscious decisions towards our grow methods to make it better for consumers and the environment.

Why does Lazy Bee do things like grow companion crops and brew compost teas?

I’m really into organic gardening and permaculture practices. I’m curious to always find better ways of growing. My goal is to create a farm that is self-sustaining and regenerative in its growing methods. This means you don’t ruin the soil year after year, you’re actually making it better. Compost teas are microorganisms which keep things in our soil to create or free up nutrients. Our goal is to have a living soil.

What are some things Lazy Bee does for its in-house breeding and genetics?

For genetics, we seek out those with unique terpene profiles. For example, Wifi OG has a crazy unique terpene profile heavy in ocimene. It’s the only strain I’ve found ever to carry that characteristic.

Last but not least, any standout strains consumers should look for?

Tesla Tower is a standout for sure. Wifi OG, Powderhound, Jack of Spades and Strawberry Diesel are all popular. Albino Kush is an indica and we have a lot of Veterans who love that strain for PTSD, saying it calms them down.

Lazy Bee Gardens is proud to be a leader in Washington’s cannabis community, but we couldn’t do it without your help. Thank you to the retailers and consumers who support our brand. We look forward to growing with you. Now what are you waiting for? Go spark an adventure!