Lazy Bee's Best Strains for Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, we're celebrating our freedom with flower. From the highest mountain peak to watching fireworks on the water, Lazy Bee Gardens has a strain for any Independence Day adventure. Now put on your red, white and blue, but don't forget your greens!


Grandma Anderson's Cookies — Indica Dominant

Don't forget Grandma Anderson's Cookies to watch the fireworks. This beauty is a cross between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and a pure Kush. Legend has it, her genetics come from California where a field volunteer did some un-authorized breeding.

While Cookies genetics are typically hybrid, the Kush comes out in this high. This strain is perfect if you're looking to snuggle up under the stars, look up and enjoy the show.


Jack of Spades — Hybrid

Jack of Spades is one of our personal favorites. It's Ace of Spades backcrossed to Jack the Ripper (whose parent is also an Ace of Spades). Basically it's a Jack the Ripper dominant Ace of Spades. Do you follow?

Either way, Jack of Spades took runner up for “Best Nose” at the 2017 Dope Cup. It's a heavy hybrid and high in Myrcene. She's very relaxing, but still cerebrally stimulating. We think this strain is good for relaxed conversations. So smoke Jack of Spades, and tell the story above at your Fourth of July BBQ.


Wifi OG — Sativa Dominant Hybrid

If you're looking to turn off your cell phone, tune out the world and power up a trail, Wifi OG is your girl. This strain is a strong sativa and great for summer activities. She has a pungent earthy, sour aroma — better than the friend you'll be backpacking with.

Wifi OG's genetics are The White x Fire OG, and testing over 45% in Ocimene. This high is stimulating and euphoric, which is exactly how you'll feel at the top of the mountain. 


To find these strains and more near you, please visit our retailers page. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!