Spark an Adventure at Franklin Falls


Get Off the Grid and Spark an Adventure

Winter is in full effect. Both the cities and mountains have been bombarded by snow. Employees are bundled up as they work from home. But if you’re like Lazy Bee Gardens, this is the best time to spark an adventure. And that’s just what we did as we trekked through the snow to one of our favorite locations — Franklin Falls.

This trail is a standout, and the first to kick off our #SparkAnAdventure campaign. We chose Franklin Falls for its proximity to Seattle, vibrant green waters and of course, the magnificent waterfall that becomes a frozen wonder in the winter. If you’re new to Washington, or even new to hiking, this trail is a must.

We started our adventure with Powderhound. This terpene profile provides a motivational high, and we needed it to get to the trailhead. During winter months, Forest Road 58 is closed due to snow. So our usually mild two mile hike morphed into a snowy seven mile hike.


First stop after the trail? The Insta-famous Denny Creek red cabin. We felt this halfway point marked a good time for a hybrid smoke, so pulled out our beloved Strawberry Diesel. This cross between NY Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough provides a sweet, fruity flavor with those unmistakable thick and musky Diesel undertones.

Two joints in, two miles to go. As we hiked through the snow, we absorbed the picturesque scenery. Maybe it’s the Mary Jane, or maybe it’s Mother Nature, but the frozen Denny Creek looked especially vibrant.


We rounded another corner, crossed a bridge and came up over a hill to one of our favorite sights, a frozen Franklin Falls. We’d beat the crowds and for the exception of a few hikers and ice climbers, found the falls all to ourselves. With no reception and no complaints about it, we got five bars high with Wifi OG. Another sativa dominant hybrid, we love Wifi for its earthy yet sour aroma, not to mention the uplifting effects of Ocimene.


Eventually crowds started to convene at the waterfall. Then we remembered it’s another 3.5 miles back to the car, so hit the trail home. We made one last stop to vape our new cartridges in our favorite battery, VEO’s Motion.

We arrived back to our car, just as the snow started to fall. We’d made it back in the knick of time. Our hike at Franklin Falls is the first of many adventures, as we spark an adventure, and we can’t wait for more. Winter, summer, spring or fall, we’ve got adventures for them all!


Important Disclaimer: We only have one planet, so it’s us to us to protect it. Please make sure to pack out whatever trash you pack in. Never leave joint tubes, roaches, cartridges or cannabis packaging of any kind behind. Most importantly, if you’re smoking joints in the forest do NOT leave any embers burning. We love to spark an adventure, but we would hate to see the remnants of cannabis spark of a forest fire!