Spark an Adventure at Lake Serene


Taking Our Greens to Lake Serene

While spring has certainly sprung, there’s still snow at the top of some trails. We recently took our adventures to new heights at the stunning Lake Serene. This steep trek included twists, turns, snow, ice and of course, a whole lot of cannabis.

Lake Serene is located outside Gold Bar, en route to the picturesque Stevens Pass. We arrived to the trailhead around 2PM. We’re partial to afternoon hikes, as we like to enjoy golden hour on the mountain.

It’s important to note if you plan to hike down in the dark or dusk, please plan accordingly. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and always let someone know what time you estimate return. After all, this is #SparkAnAdventure, not spark a rescue mission!


The Beauty of Bridal Veil Falls

Our hike started with endless switchbacks. If you’ve never hiked Lake Serene, brace yourself. It’s a steep one. After a couple miles, we arrived at the split for Bridal Veil Falls. This waterfall rushes over ginormous rocks that make you realize the power of geology. Ok, maybe that was our Tesla Tower…

Either way, certainly stop at this waterfall on your way to Lake Serene. It’s a magnificent sight and makes for a great pitstop to spark an adventure. We also needed to catch our breath before powering onward.

Here’s where the trail starts to burn. Another mile or so later, we found ourselves hitting more switchbacks. These felt, at some points, like a straight incline. Calves burned, but so did our joints, and we knew the pain would be worth the reward.

As we got closer, we found ourselves overlooking the most beautiful mountain range. We looked to our left and saw even more mountains. Only this time they represented our arrival to Lake Serene. We’d made it!


The View from the Top

We came over the hill to see the most breathtaking view. Mountains too big for our camera viewfinder, a frozen teal lake and a bridge that screamed, “Dab here!” greeted us.

After multiple photos, and finally coming to terms with Mother Nature’s beauty, we sparked (another) adventure. We lit up on the frozen lake, this time taking a moment to appreciate all Washington has to offer. We’re lucky to live in a state that has beautiful mountains, stunning lakes and legal weed.

As the sun started to sink, we scurried to the bridge for one more dab. After all, we couldn’t head down the mountain without dabs in the wild. We took fat rips of Tesla Tower in our Vuber mini dabber, then packed up our bags to head home.

By the time we got to our car, the entire lot cleared out. We were the last people down the mountain and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Nine miles in snow and ice is no easy feat, but it feels easy when you’re fueled by Lazy Bee Gardens.

If you’re looking for a summer hike to spark an adventure, add Lake Serene to your list. The name speaks for itself. As always, make sure to leave no trace and be mindful where you ash as summer gets into full swing. Happy hiking!