What Is Sungrown Cannabis?


What is Sungrown Cannabis?

As the name suggests, sungrown cannabis is cannabis grown exclusively from the energy provided by the sun. No industrial lighting, no electricity, just nature. 

While each growing method has its own unique advantages, growing cannabis outside with the help of nature provides a sustainable edge. Sungrown cannabis requires no electricity and instead relies on the environment to provide sunlight and necessary elements for growth, producing stronger, superior plants to other methods.


Open-Air Light Deprivation Hoops and Greenhouse-Grown Cannabis

Our open-air and greenhouse growing methods, what we use for growing all of our cannabis, are powered solely by the sun. Our combination of open-air light deprivation hoops and traditional greenhouse setups provide top quality cannabis without ever needing electricity. 

Our light-dep hoop setup is very similar to our greenhouse setup, with the biggest difference being there is no cover over the hoops. They’re like skeletons, and we pull tarps over them nightly so the plants get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to flower. Both methods yield well-controlled, strong, high-quality cannabis.


Why We Love Sungrown

Not all weed is the same. Cannabis grown indoors is prone to becoming soft and delicate as it’s been raised in a perfect environment. Plants absorb their environment and we prefer the fresh Methow Valley flavor over industrial lighting every day of the week. 

We love sungrown cannabis because it produces plants that have endured rain and especially wind to make them stronger. This means our plants have higher terpene profiles than those grown indoors, making for a more diverse and satisfying high. 

Cannabis grown outdoors without a greenhouse setup is subject to the elements that, while beneficial for growing a strong plant, can also cause damage to the operation. We bypass this problem with our hoops and greenhouse setup which offers us more environmental control and allows us to extend our growing season.